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"I  never actually met him to be brutally honest with you..."
A suited lawyer and a man in his early twenties were standing on the hill next to the three story house.
"I understand, you're not the first person in a situation like this. Either way I am very sorry for your loss and I hope you will find solace in that your Uncle did leave the entire house, no strings attached to you."
The young man was quite perplexed. This is the sort of thing that would happen in some generic fish-out-of-water movie. Someone inheriting a massive house from a completely unknown relative. This sort of stuff is just plain unrealistic and weird.
"Are you... are you okay sir?"
The lawyer waved a hand in front of his face.
"Uh.. yeah. I guess I just... spaced out for a moment."
"I see, perhaps the heat is a little too much for you, should we not head inside and have a look at the papers."
He nodded quickly and carefully walked down towards the entrance.

The white house was really quite tall. The entrance was a set of stone stairs leading to a wooden dark door. Everything was well kept. There were lots of flowers adorning each windowsill and there appeared to be a garden behind the house. There were three other houses nearby. A brown one was located across the road and one next door had a nasty gray pink color. They were however, a fair bit smaller than the white one. There road to this tiny area had began as a motorway but ended with a country dirt road. There were tons of bushes and trees and had a really cheerful atmosphere. In the distance in each direction were acres of farmland and more country roads. Small collections of houses, much like this one, could be seen in the distance.

Jeff could barely make out some sort of figure on the balcony on the brown house. It looked like a dark person through the slits in the fence. He tried focusing but the sharp light ironically made it even more difficult. He gave up and walked towards his house instead.

Inside the shockingly white kitchen, the two sat down. A leather briefcase was placed on the table.
"Well now, mister... Jensen was it?"
"Call me Jeff, if you please."
Being formal just felt odd and Jeff was getting quite sick of the "suit's" uptight demeanor. Sure it was his job, but Jeff just didn't care.
"So, Theodore Jensen, dead at age 68. Leaves everything in his possession including this home to yourself. He was incredibly specific in making sure there was nothing more for you to do than sign this here and everything will be in order."
Jeff stared over at the man. Took a sip from his water and asked.
"What? Really?"
"Certainly so Mr... uh... I mean Mr. Jeff."
Jeff skimmed the paper.
"This seems shockingly easy."
"If you feel like doing more research we can postpone the signing to any time you want. If anything at all is suspicious to you. Please call anyone you want. Our firm has a long history of service... "
"That's... That's quite all right. Please. Everything's perfect... Please!"
Jeff was as polite as he could, but he couldn't stand any more legalese.
He signed the paper and handed it back to the lawyer.

"How come he had no kids or a wife or anything? I was the only person at the funeral. And even then, I never saw the man alive in the flesh..."
The man rose from his chair, briefcase in hand.
"It seems your uncle was of the... shall we say, queer conviction."
The ridiculous manner of saying felt more offensive than the idea itself. Such a simple thing was not only completely irrelevant in the big picture, but also utterly pointless to Jeff.
"Okay... so anything else I should know about?"
"We're just about done here. Thank you for being able to join me here on such a short notice, Mr. Jensen, you are now the owner of this estate. If there are any problems at all, here is my card. Do enjoy your new house. I'll see myself out."

Jeff was about to breathe a sigh of relief when the man scurried back into the kitchen.
"Oh and here are your house keys..."
"Good, thank you."
Once again he was about to sit down and relax when the lawyer suddenly stood in the kitchen again.
"And please accept my deepest condolences for you loss."
"Oh... uh... thanks, I guess."

To be continued...
A massive cliche finds himself inside a standard plot with little to no surprises with utterly unrealistic and possibly substandard, albeit erotic, experiences. BE EXCITEMENT!

This is the obligatory non-sexy beginning. Trust me, we will have sexy fun stuff next time. It's already written, just not edited properly.

I also have a fairly finite ending in mind so this won't go on forever like some other stuff.

All names are chosen at complete random and in no way portray any real person, living or dead.
LoneStranger Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I wonder how much of this could've been in fine print? =p
Barty-Cross Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012
interesting beginning...
anaymoose Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012
It's heating up to some hot lawyer on document signing action!
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